The Dictionary of the Climate Debate (DCD)

Definition: The November 2009 unauthorised release of thousands of e-mails and other documents obtained through hacking a server used by the the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit.

The released emails led to allegations that climate scientists colluded to withhold scientific information, interfered with the peer-review process to prevent dissenting scientific papers from being published, deleted e-mails and raw data to prevent data being revealed under the Freedom of Information Act, and manipulated data to make the case for global warming appear stronger than it is.

The Climategate climate

The following November 2009 news report gives a good feel for the media Zeitgeist during Climategate.

A Climategate debate

The following debate brings in ex-IPCC chair Robert Watson for the defence and ubiquitous skeptic Benny Peiser for the offense.

Monbiot discusses the ramifications for climate science

1. Click here to read the best summary of Climategate I've run across.

2. Click here to read the Guardian's detailed history of how the emails were pilfered.

3. For those who want to immerse themselves, click here for a searchable database of the emails. For example, search on the term "Mcintyre" - it's a hoot.

4. Click here to read the DeSmogBlog's very detailed retelling of how the emails were revealed (and to whom).

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