The Dictionary of the Climate Debate (DCD)

cherry picking
Definition: Using only those cases or data that back up your argument, while consciously ignoring other cases or data that don't.

1. Click here to read the color-blind skeptic blogger Resilient Earth's astute disquisition on the difference between cherry picking and Popperian falsification.

2. Click here to read the blog's condemnation of the cherry picking of contrarian research papers from the published multitude:

"It remains possible, however, to select a relatively small handful of papers from among the many thousands in a way that presents a vastly different picture of the state of scientific understanding. This type of cherry picking isn't very effective for arguments within the research community because scientists draw on the larger body of knowledge when assessing the merit of individual papers or the arguments that rest upon them. Cherry picking can be highly effective in misleading non-experts such as politicians, journalists, and the public, however. "

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